ben thinking: time to keep doing what we do best

I wish I could tell you I had this blog written … “just in case.” But how could any of us have had this blog written. How could any of us have been prepared for a lifetime’s worth of uncertainty, stress and “never thought I’d see the day” moments crammed into one week?
We’ve been told that we’re in uncharted territory. And boy are we ever. I don’t remember reading “leadership in the time of a global pandemic” in the HBR or a TED talk on “five ways to keep employees and clients connected during a two-week quarantine.”
All we have at this point are the tools we have in our collective toolbox. From company leaders to someone who started last week, we’ve been forced to rethink everything we know about how we work (and where we work).
We need to trust in what got us here—that balance of drive and ability that makes us pretty good at our jobs. The same tools we use to navigate our day-to-day are the same tools that we’ll use to navigate this.
Maybe the two most important things in our toolbox during a time like this? Words and relationships. We’ll be putting both of them to use for the foreseeable future in a much different way, helping companies in any way we can to first understand this new (temporary) normal and then communicate it as quickly and as efficiently as we can to all audiences.
To help us with that, we are going to be doing everything we can to apply our thinking to the things you need to know. Same approach, same philosophy … just very different content during very different times.
I’m going to continue to write, if only for my own peace of mind. I hope you continue to read and, more importantly, continue to stay connected.