essential communications – April 30, 2020

(a ‘ben thinking’ spin-off)
Did you know you’re catching rays while working?
Nah, not UV rays. We’re talking HEV rays. Yep, those rays coming from your electronic screens. I clicked on this article in HuffPost because this is apparently something to be aware of?
7 ingredients to a strong visual brand. Caught this tweet from Rebekah Radice, co-founder of BRIL.LA, talking about what’s critical for your visual brand:

1. Unique, memorable, undeniably YOU
2. Creates an experience
3. Has a plan, purpose and promise
4. Inspires action
5. Is consistent
6. Tells your story
7. Rinses, repeats, repurposes

I agree 100% … but I would move ‘tells your story’ to number two and add ‘Makes you feel something.’ With so much info going out today … and so much of us favoring visual learning … these things are essential.
Speaking of your brand – SEO can protect it. Terrific read today from SEJ (Search Engine Journal) about how SEO can help protect your brand during what will be some challenging times. Just how challenging?

-65% of marketers anticipate a decrease in their annual marketing budget.
-86% of marketers predict that their marketing goals will be harder to reach.
-35% of respondents say a reduction in marketing budget is their greatest concern surrounding -the impact of COVID-19 on their marketing performance.
-58% of respondents say if faced with a global recession, they will have to lower their budget.
-47% of respondents say the Coronavirus situation will make their company’s ability to achieve their annual marketing goals more difficult.
-63% of respondents say SEO will be more important during this time.

Reskilling/transferable skills matter. LinkedIn is seeing a lot of professionals using the platform to track and educate themselves on those skills they need to stay viable or marketable in their jobs. Inc. profiled the three ways LinkedIn is supporting this, today.
Google Maps Mania. Did you know you can create custom maps in Google? A lot of people didn’t … but now do and are. This feature has been around since 2007 but now is becoming a key tool in how people are identifying everything from Wi-Fi spots to restaurants offering curbside to foodbanks and free shuttles for health care workers.
Today’s Zoom line bit. If you missed it this meme is going around about how every Zoom meeting, ever, ends. And it’s hilarious.
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