essential communications – May 14, 2020

Sorry. I know I keep talking about Zoom. But … Zoom exhaustion is becoming a real thing. (Side note: Is Zoom becoming this generation’s ‘Kleenex,’ i.e., a brand that becomes the descriptor? Every tissue is a Kleenex, every video call is a Zoom … you get the idea.)
How real of a thing is it? Well, it’s something the deaf and hard of hearing deal with all the time. You are experiencing ‘concentration fatigue.’
From fatigue to burnout. You might have caught this Bloomberg article trending on LinkedIn this morning; apparently working from home, being on and available ALL the time and looking at a screen more than normal isn’t the best thing for us. Pandemic burnout > regular burnout. 
SHRM says … do this when considering reopening. Our HR Generalist, Kelsey Natale, broke down what SHRM is recommending companies consider when asking employees to return to work. There is no shortage of this information out there, but if you’re looking for a place to start, SHRM is the ideal spot.
Hey crankypants. So, we’re all a little on edge these past nine weeks, right? And sometimes it spills over into our work conversations. But there are ways around it and ways to turn your conflict into a conversation – check out these three tips from Inc., shared today.
What are the polls saying? LinkedIn thinks they’re saying ‘we want more engagement’ as they launched their own polls tool. You can now post a poll and track results in real time. And while most of the functions are the same as other polling tools the difference is … you will be hearing from other professionals vs. your grandma voting on Facebook.
Because we need something fun. If you missed it, Mashable asked people on Twitter to name their favorite teen movies in their #popculturethrowdown.
Listen, is this business related? Not at all. But do we need some distractions? Absolutely. Here are mine – let me know yours:
5. Clueless
4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
3. Ferris Buellers Day Off
2. Mean Girls
1. Dazed and Confused
Thanks for reading!