Communication essentials: coffee or tea

A short read today on the power of observation.

We have spent a lot of time trying to determine ‘how we can help.’ When it comes to customer relationships, we are all constantly looking for ways to add value – especially in a service industry.

One thing that can help you in this search is the power of observation. I think with so many distractions – so much noise – it is easy to lose sight of simply observing what your customers need (or want).

I heard this explained in a different way recently. The example was given if a customer continues to refuse a cup of coffee, meeting after meeting, and you don’t observe that, hey, maybe they’re a tea drinker … what are you doing?

Are you jumping into your agenda and not realizing that maybe your customer wants something else? Do you not care enough to ask if maybe they’d like something else? Whatever the case, there may be something very easy, right in front of you, that you could do to show your customer they’re valued.

The lesson, as always – don’t underestimate the simple things. (And keep some tea bags in your drawer.)