Ben Thinking: Gen Z myths, creepy promos, don’t be a taker, the Mirrorworld

Some not-so-random thoughts that are catching my attention this week.
In the workplace: Five myths about Gen Z workers.
Gen Z. We know everything there is to know about them, right? You’re probably thinking ‘Ben, enough with Gen Z!’ But guess what? The more I talk to people the more I’m being asked about this. Companies are recognizing there is a generational gap in their workforce and as opposed to millennials, they want to be ahead of the curve in welcoming the newest generation to the workforce. This article from Employee Benefit News is a good start.
Workplace trends: Phone booth cubes are the new hot office trend.
I remember really liking cubicles. Then really hating cubicles. I feel like now we have settled into a happy medium. Because while I still don’t really like the ideas of cubicles…I think I would like these cubicles.
Oops: I don’t mean to be forward but…can I have your number?
Did you hear that Diet Coke wants you to get to know that stranger sitting next to you on the plane? What’s creepy about that? This quick read is a great example of how every aspect of your brand needs to be accounted for today.
Best practices: Make connections that count – how to be a giver, not a taker.
Are you treating your personal connections like an ATM? Constantly making withdrawals? If you are looking to get more out of your network and be a better ‘connection’ yourself, this is worth the read. If you’re in a business that deals in personal relationships you will find this extremely valuable, I promise.
Tech: We’re living in the ‘Mirrorworld’
The New Yorker recently wrote an article claiming we are living in The Matrix. Maybe. But if you read this incredible article in Wired you’ll see that we clearly aren’t. Phew.
But we are living in the Mirrorworld. Say whaaaat? Great. Now I have to remember to do things in the real world AND the Mirrorworld. (Seriously, carve out some time and give this a read. It’s fascinating.)
Something to watch: LinkedIn hits 610M users…and it’s way past time to take it seriously.
Is LinkedIn a strategy or an afterthought? With the platform hitting 610M users – and people relying on it for more and more in their professional lives – you need to consider a personal and corporate LinkedIn strategy.
Think about it: Is your PR strategy ‘sparking joy?’
What can ‘Tidying up’ with Marie Kondo teach us about how we approach our PR strategy?