Ben Thinking: Mickey Mouse; Burger King; The talk; and Podcasts

Some not-so-random thoughts that are catching my attention this week.
2019 trends: Your website should be doing some things for you…
Did you know that every dollar invested in your website’s UX will generate a $100 return? If that blows your mind you’re definitely going to want to read the rest of this article, highlighting case studies and early web design trends for 2019.
How’s your digital strategy? Want to talk about it?
Creative thinking: Mickey Mouse > Santa Claus
Ok, so I just got back from Disney World…so yea, this jumped out at me. But how can you not be fascinated by everything Disney does…to market to you, the adult? And it’s working – Mickey Mouse has 97% name recognition in the United States. Which is more than Santa Claus.
Here’s a nine-minute read about how. But you’ll probably read it in half that time.
Tech: Having the talk with your kids.
No, not that talk. The other talk. You know, the one about how to treat artificial intelligence? Like it or not, this is part of our parenting manual now, especially as more brands integrate with your home assistants.
I don’t know if I (would) like this: Burger King introduces ‘beefless’ Whopper.
“Where’s the beef?” Sure, Wendy’s said it first – but now Burger King is owning it with the introduction of its impossible beefless Whopper.
Content considerations: 105 ideas to add to your editorial calendar.
105 is a lot. So don’t read this all at once. But trust me, you’ll want to file this in your ‘inspiration’ folder. What, you don’t have an inspiration folder? There’s never been a better time to start one then!
Podcast time: Podcasts are killing it. But they’re not for everyone.
If you’re considering podcasts for your content strategy this is a must read. If you’re not, you may want to after reading this. They are delivering some great returns. But they aren’t without challenges.
ICYMI: Last week’s most read article was…
Put a face on your brand