Ben Thinking: Millennials View of the Workplace

Remember millennials? They were all the rage two years ago? Well, despite all of the attention on Gen Z, the millennial generation will still represent the majority of the workforce come 2030. So how they view work in 2018 is really telling if you’re looking for clues on what the workplace of the future will look like:
1. Must read of the week: How millennials view work.This article talks about nine takeaways from a linked larger report. 
2. The aging workforce. But on the flip side…people are working longer and no one is retiring. Are businesses adjusting to that? 
3. The art of storytelling: Brian Solis has some thoughts on how brands are failing in their attempt to tell a story.
4. Almost half of emails sign-ups use an inactive address. And other provoking email marketing stats.
5. "Let’s get HR involved" is no longer a 'bad thing' to say!
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