Ben Thinking: Office of the future, office culture of the future and way too much data

In the workplace: 5 Ways Workplace Culture will Change by 2030.

Do you want to know what I’m asked the most these days? ‘How do you preserve a culture with so many different generations, remote workers, etc.?’ 
I admit—it’s a hard question. The easiest cop out answer to that is to understand that your culture is not set it and forget it. You need to be ok letting it change and adapt – but you need to make sure you have a system in place for letting it change and adapt.
This article from Fast Co. drives that point home more than I ever can – if you want proof as to why your culture needs to be flexible, be sure to read how culture will change by 2030.
Workplace trends: I’ve seen the office of the future…and it looks very familiar.
Is it any surprise the future office looks less like an office…and more like an apartment? With the remote workforce growing we are becoming accustomed to a more casual work space. And with more of an emphasis on collaboration, why meet clients at a coffee bar when you can put a coffee bar right in your office?
I like this: The egg has landed.
The record setting egg that has so many more Instagram likes than you has finally revealed itself. And turns out it wasn’t a pop culture stunt as many thought…but instead a vehicle to raise awareness around a very important topic.
Best practices: Jack(pot) in the Box might have won the day after the Super Bowl.
Hey, if you want to spend $5.3M on a Super Bowl ad, that’s great. I won’t complain, especially in my line of work. But if you want to look at spending that money differently…to capitalize on millions of people calling off work the day after the Super Bowl…now I’m listening.
Tech: Is too much data affecting our creativity?
92% of marketing professionals recognize the importance of data to doing their jobs. But 72% of them feel ‘too much data’ has negatively affected their creativity.
There is a war in our brain. The right side and left side aren’t getting along that well these days. Why? Because it is being barraged by data. And when it starts to affect our ability to think creatively, well, we’re only human…and we can get cranky.
Something to keep an eye on: We are getting annoyed with voice channels. Kind of.
Almost all Americans surveyed in this Harris Poll are unhappy with voice channels. When it’s not working. But we love it when it is working. So much so that we can look past creepiness for helpfulness.
Does it feel like we’re being conditioned to become more comfortable with voice? Maybe. But not enough to overcoming being annoyed by having to yell ‘BILLING!’ into the phone as the voice on the other end responds by saying ‘Hmmm. I didn’t understand what you wanted to do. Did you say, shipping?’