Ben Thinking: Virtual Reality; Hating on Networking; Gen Z

By 2020 80% of internet traffic will be video.
And four other extremely engaging types of content you should be using.
Have you seen these 10 best uses of virtual reality marketing?
Some really cool examples you will want to take a look at.
Hate networking? Too bad. You need it. But here are five tips to make it less painful.
My favorite: What time are we leaving?                                                       
7 tips to improve your landing pages.
Did you know that changing the color of the call to action button can lead to a 36% increase in sales?
How brands can use social media marketing to connect with Gen Z
Gen Z’s spending power is up near $143M…so you might want to read this.
Three videos making the rounds this week…
In case you haven’t had a chance to watch these ‘must watch’ videos:
Star Wars IX teaser. If you’ve seen it, you know you want to see it again.
Tiger. You might have heard he won The Masters.
Wrapping up:
ICYMI: Last week’s most viewed story…
What color you wear, matters.
Think about it: On the spot
Remember my ‘One Question, One Answer’? Well, it’s back. Kind of.