Clear your project queue with “akhia go”

Let’s be honest: Not every project requires a blown-out strategy or in-depth discussions to be done right. Sometimes you just need something done quickly (and correctly), but you don’t have resources available to do it yourself.
We get it. In the Creative Department at akhia, we handle all sorts of projects, from major rebrands to quick image resizes. We certainly like the big initiatives that allow our creativity to shine through, but we want our clients to always feel comfortable sending us the little stuff, too.
The templated pieces that require a simple layout.
The quick-turn, minimal-budget items that still matter.
The copy tweaks, image swaps, photo resizes and proofreading checks.
The projects you could send to a freelancer, but you want more quality control than that.
We don’t want our clients ever feeling like they have to choose between “quick” and “quality.” That’s why we’ve created the “akhia go” program.
What is akhia go?
The akhia go program makes it easy for clients to bring us simple projects that require basic creative services. We employ a fast-tracked process to ensure clients have the extra help they need to get production-ready work done efficiently. In the end, clients get what they need when they need it, and they benefit from working with a full-service agency that understands their business well enough to get each project done right.
In some cases, we’re supporting day-to-day creative needs for clients that simply have more to do than their staff members can handle. In other cases, we’re helping meet a tight deadline or taking care of an unexpected influx of work. Regardless, akhia go offers the flexibility needed to accomplish goals that would otherwise seem unfeasible.
Let’s go.
Think akhia go might be what you need to meet your marketing mandates without breaking the bank or exceeding tight timelines or want to learn more about akhia’s approachShoot me an email; let’s talk through what makes sense.

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