Communications that drive… everything

In 2012 I proposed a concept to Jan, our founder, to transform our business over the next five years from a marketing communications agency to a business integration agency. I remember it like it was yesterday…
I remember having to explain the concept of an agency that bring communications expertise to the whole business, not just the marketing and P.R. departments.
I remember being extremely excited because if this worked we would have the chance to continue Jan’s vision of an agency committed to the success of their clients’ business.
I remember being scared because…man I didn’t want to mess up what Jan had started.
I remember thinking that if we trusted our people to get there we would be fine.
I remember thinking we were going to need some more people.
I remember all of the times I messed up in trying to communicate this vision, internally and externally.
I remember how cool people thought it was once they understood the vision.
I remember thinking that we had a long way to go.
I remember that 2017 felt like a long way off.
So today we launch akhia communications, an agency dedicated to driving business with communication, no matter where that happens. What’s different?
Everything. Nothing.
It represents everything our company has ever stood for when it comes to client service. But it also shifts our focus from just marketing communications to a company’s total communication strategy.
Fundamentally, we believe better communication has a vital role to play in helping all areas of a company drive business objectives. And that is something we believe every area of a business has a responsibility to.
Companies face unique communication challenges today – and we’ve seen a lot of them. From the front line to ‘on the road’ to the tradeshow booth. In the R&D lab. In the board room.
It’s more than speaking the language and seeing the opportunity – it’s about helping our clients get organized in a way that draws on several areas of a business—instead of relying on marketing for everything.
It’s critical for every area of a business to play a part in their company’s success. By leveraging the total communications strategy, they all can.
akhia communications believes that. Let us show you how.

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