Four Reasons Email Marketing is Still Relevant

That’s right, I said it. Despite the fact that your iPhone may have a little red “50” overtop the mail icon, email marketing is still one of the most effective means of marketing around.  In fact, according to eMarketer, mail remains the top selected platform by 62% of millennials. I know we all get 100s of them a day so you’re probably thinking to yourself, “How can email marketing still be effective? It’s borderline telemarketing at this point!” Well, I’m glad you asked because here are my top four reasons email marketing is still relevant:

1. It’s Cost Effective
This one shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Yes, there is the initial investment of getting a system in place, but after that, the only real cost associated with email marketing is the effort put in to building the list and drafting your emails. Many services now even have pre-designated templates you can drop your creative into. How cost-effective can email marketing be? A study conducted by and Forrester Research found that “85% of US retailers consider email marketing one of, if not the most effective customer acquisition tactic.” Email marketing can also provide great ROI as a study from the Direct Marketing Association found for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $40 in ROI.

2. You Can Make It Personalized
There’s no doubt the idea of personalized content is becoming more popular and this is for good reason.  According to Econsultancy, 68% of marketers say personalization based on behavioral data has a high impact on ROI, and 74% say it has a high impact on engagement. With email marketing, you can segment your audience into lists, sending each list a tailored message that resonates with the reader and can provide them with something of value. Despite the many new mediums we can use to reach our customers, email is still one of the most efficient ways to deliver personalized content.

3. Strong CTAs
One aspect that will always be unique to email is the ability to provide your users with a strong call to action. Whether it is to download a document, take advantage of a sale or simply review relevant product information, email gives marketers the ability to have their customers take action. In fact, according to Experian, transactional emails have 8x more opens and clicks than any other type of email and can generate 6x more revenue.

4. Measurable
This is by far my most favorite. I’ve spoken in the past about the importance of metrics, and the metrics you are able to dive into with email marketing can arm you to make educated decisions. Beyond  standard performance metrics like open rate, clicks and CTR that show the performance of your emails, the ability to add things like UTM tracking codes to your email links can provide even greater insight. By utilizing these tactics, you’re able to see what users did once they were on your site. Metrics like pages per session, time on page and behavior flows can be combined with the sales metrics of your CRM to help develop content for other campaigns.
For me personally, email is still a very effective way for a company to reach its audience. I’m not going to lie, everything I listed above takes a lot of planning and preparation to execute and can take a little time to perfect. But, with that being said, if executed properly email marketing can still be one of the most effective arms of your marketing strategy. Interested in ramping up your email marketing efforts? Contact us today to get started!