Why we chose to go “inside” with our clients

Job openings have reached an 18-year high at 6.7 million and 60 percent of employers say those job openings stay vacant 12 weeks or longer. Companies can’t afford that kind of downtime, regardless of what the position is and that is why the services we offer our clients are changing.

Today’s talent crisis is forcing many of our clients to get creative with how they attract and engage employees. Here at akhia communications, we have established a unique approach to help clients overcome business challenges through communications – akhia inside.

What is akhia inside?
akhia inside is a program that places one of the agency’s employees at the client’s office to help with communications strategies and day-to-day tasks by working alongside their internal teams. Each inside opportunity is customized to the needs of the client and can offer short-term relief or become a longer-term solution as the company evaluates its staffing strategy.

Why akhia inside?
The choice to develop the akhia inside program has the same roots as any other product or service: we saw a need in the market and knew we could offer a solution. The bottom line is that right now, communicators are in a tough spot with information and expectations accelerating at rates we’ve never seen – yet critical positions are sitting unfilled for up to a year because there’s more demand than qualified talent. This program is aligned with our mission of service by allowing us to apply our skill sets where our clients need us the most – day-to-day management.

Another key factor was the role face-to-face communications is playing in the workplace. Can we manage our clients’ needs and projects from our office? Absolutely, but there are some things they need help with where face-to-face communications isn’t just preferred, it’s required. In fact, a study published in Harvard Business Review found that a face-to-face request is 34 times more successful than email. In a world of emails, skype messages and project management tools, sometimes the thing we need to do most is simply get up from our desk and go talk to someone – akhia inside allows us to do just that.

When we break it all down, the talent gap, the labor shortage, the reliance on technology – these are all very real business challenges our clients deal with every day. Our goal is to remove the stress of these challenges as much as possible and turn them into communications opportunities – even if that means working with them in every sense of the word.

Interested in akhia inside or want to learn more about akhia’s approach? Contact me and let’s start the conversation.

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