Your 2020 Checklist…Should Never Go Out of Style

I’m old enough to remember all the hype and fear around the year 2000 – Y2K – and how all of our computers were going to reset and send us back to the stone age. While not quite the magnitude and worry of that calendar flip, the year 2020 has been glorified for other reasons, mainly because we have been told that everything that was going to change would change by 2020.
It’s not next year’s fault that most of our stats are offered up using 2020 as the benchmark (by 2020 this…by 2020 that). With apologies to 2022 (that feels like the new ‘it’ year) 2020 has had a lot to live up to. And now it’s here.
This was the topic of an AMA panel event I joined recently. And the ideas shared were just too good to keep to myself. So here it is – the ultimate 2020 planning checklist.