essential communications – May 7, 2020

(a ‘ben thinking’ spin-off)
“You’re killing independent Ben!” I proclaimed, in the middle of my dining room, while trying to balance my workload, a Google classroom request, a favor my wife had asked and a phone call from my cousin—all while trying to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment via text.
I’m referring to my favorite show ever, “Seinfeld,” when George referred to himself as ‘Independent George.’ Well … that was happening to me. Worlds were colliding!!!
Of course, they are for all of us. And the minute you feel upset is the minute you remind yourself you could be in a much, much worse situation … and you instantly feel guilty.
But it doesn’t make your feeling of everything running into everything go away. Which is why I loved this article posted today in Inc. – Top advice for working remote. It’s about two months too late but there’s some great stuff in here.
Post-COVID-19 leadership. I know, I know … is there such a thing as post-COVID-19? When is it? For now, let’s just say ‘leadership’ … regardless of what you call it, this article in Forbes is calling out seven leadership traits we’ve learned and needed over the past two months. We’ve certainly had a lot of good and bad examples. This one is worth the look.
Virtual events. I want to keep sharing tidbits I’m hearing on this, the more I learn. Today’s comes from a conversation I had yesterday with the American Heart Association. As they plan for their Heart & Stroke Ball they have found that a weeknight is a better option for a virtual program due to the fact more people are (and should be) shutting it down on the weekend. Something to keep in mind as you look for alternatives for your events.
Also, while talking to them … they gave me this link to their resource page and asked that I remind everyone they have some solid info as it relates to your heart health and COVID-19.
Diversity, equity and inclusion shouldn’t take a hit during COVID-19. Not sure if you saw this post on HBR, but it’s a great read on how companies can be thinking of their DEI program during this time.
The article calls out three areas that you might not expect could be affected by hitting pause: crisis communications, middle management, remote work. Check it out if you get a chance.
We got a pulse. This is a hell of a pulse survey…PwC posted the results of their survey to finance leaders on how they see a ‘return to work’ going. It’s from last week—and I try to keep the posts in this piece from the last 24–48 hours—but it’s well worth going back for. Some major trends and data that show what companies are thinking about/prioritizing as economies and offices open back up.
Thanks for reading!